Social Development

NCCI fully subscribes to the development of previously disadvantaged individuals, in terms of race, gender and disabilities.

This policy is to directly and indirectly develop skills by;

•  Empowering previously disadvantaged individuals. 
•  Associating and supporting suppliers and companies which apply black empowerment policies. 
•  Supporting, guiding and developing our Entrepreneurs to fulfil their dreams and ambitions. 
•  Becoming the greatest economy in the world by using our abundant supply of natural resources in Africa.

Northrand Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) will mostly employ semi-skilled young people together with the experienced and skilled people who will be mentoring and developing the young ones. The majority of these would be coming from the disadvantaged background. This will in turn be creating jobs through skill development, fighting unemployment and creating sustainable development in Johannesburg North West.


Northrand Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) is a 100% black owned and controlled organization, which comprises of a consortium of experienced businesses that specialize in most fields in the industry.

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