What We Do 

The chamber represents all its members to forums locally, nationally and internationally to lobby and advance its members economic wellbeing. Furthermore we also advance the wellbeing of potential members that are operating within our sphere of influence.

Networking is the core for sustainable business operations.
We invite and hold strategic business meetings where our members’ activities will be promoted. Depending on the nature of networking, networking sessions could be exclusive or inclusive of member organisations.

Membership Recruitment and Development
NCCI builds up and retain membership base through recruitment and offering business opportunities to new and existing members.

Information Services
NCCI is always be a step ahead in establishing and providing knowledge management and business information to members such as information on business opportunities, technological advancements, government rules and regulations etc. Provide resources to members and conduct regular market surveys.

Research and Development
NCCI publishes evidenced reports for members, their businesses and capabilities processes and trade information based on inhouse research and development service.

Special Export Services
Our membership directory categorises information to distinguish exporting and none exporting companies for purposes of providing focused service

Training and Consultancy/ Advisory Services
NCCI provides business training on how a business should be run to meet the minimum requirements to comply with different pieces of legislations.


Northrand Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) is a 100% black owned and controlled organization, which comprises of a consortium of experienced businesses that specialize in most fields in the industry.

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